Saturday, April 21, 2007

At Novena with SH and JY

Velocity @ Novena Square

Earlier this week on Sunday, SH, JY and I met at this part of Singapore that is commonly known as Novena. Novena is quite easily accessible by the MRT trains.

There are several fairly new malls to the Novena area. First of all, I cannot help but introduce my visitors to the hype-looking Velocity @ Novena Square (please see the photos above), which is just next to the Novena Square Shopping Mall. I took a few photographs of the front view of the mall. Thankfully, SH and JY had both been understanding to my fascination with taking photographs.

Interior view of Velocity @ Novena Square

We had dinner at Organic Café Xperience that was located at Velocity @ Novena Square. JY and I each ordered a plate of wholemeal spaghetti. SH ordered the brown rice set with fish, and she was singing praises of it.

I quite like the layout of Velocity @ Novena Square and this place has quite a number of sports-related shop. However, I reckon I may not be a regular visitor to this new mall since I am not quite keen on sports item in general. But I shall consider this place if I should need sports-related items in the future.

Actually, before our dinner, SH had taken JY and me to yet another nearby mall and it is called Square 2. There's a short write up about Square 2 here:

In short, Square 2 just reminded me of the concept of "maximising every single possible space". Almost every square-area of space that can be used will be used.

I would like to assume that the developer has tried to maximise every single possible space so as to help keep rental costs low for the retailers. Square 2 is fairly nearby several office-buildings and should be able to attract a regular pull of consumers. I hope the rental costs are indeed much lower than those in town area, for if this were to be the case, I think it can be quite a fairly good location and an affordable place for entrepreneurs to set up businesses in.

However, being a lover of spacious spaces, I do not have an instinctive liking for Square 2. In addition, I find the narrow walkways create a feeling in me that Square 2 is like a space-constrained maze. Furthermore, there is no good enough music-related store or interesting book-shop there to win my regular patronage to this 5-storeys mall.

Interior view of Square 2

Singapore's first Korean themed shopping enclave
However, for my readers who love Korean food, fashion, beauty products & services and homeware, you should check out the third level of Square 2. Square 2 website states as such: "immerse yourself in all things Korean at Singapore's first Korean themed shopping enclave on Level 3..."

SH showed us to the Sol Mart located at units #03-06/07/08. This is a store that sells tidbits, cosmetics and instant food from Korean. I suppose folks who like things from Korea may wish to check this store out.

Despite the generally space-constrained feeling that I have had of Square 2, there are a few spacious spots to get a bit of a breather. Fairly nearby the food-shop, Mango Lingo (unit #02-08), there is a covered yet open-air area with generally peaceful views. Look for the narrow pathway leading to this well-ventilated haven.

Take a breather here.

By the way, SH shared that there is a food-outlet called QQ rice (unit #01-06) at Square 2 that makes and sells rice balls. At QQ rice, one can not only choose the kind of rice one would want, one can choose the fillings that would be placed in the rice ball. We spotted a queue at QQ rice when we were there at about 6 p.m. But at about 7.30 p.m, the queue was gone.

Purple Rice with my choice of fillings: Fish floss, sweet corn, black sesame etc.

I bought a purple rice ball. I particularly like the black sesame that I have asked to be placed in the fillings. The rice ball was alright. I understand that the purple rice has the properties of enhancing a preson's blood circulation after it is being eaten. I think it is quite a healthy and novel choice of food. However, I guess I am unlikely to have the craving to eat it again the next time when I am at Novena.

Special thanks to SH for showing me around the various malls. Otherwise, on my own, I might not even have bothered to know that such malls exist in Singapore.

Last but not the least, here's an early birthday greeting here for JY, who will be the first amongst the three of us to celebrate her birthday this year. Happy Birthday.


eastcoastlife said...

Read about the QQ Rice stall. Gonna try it the next time I go to TTSH for appointment.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Oh, if you like Korean food, do remember to check out the 3rd level of Square 2.

Simple American said...

I think I would like Novena better too. The wide spaces are much preferable.