Sunday, April 08, 2007

Evening out with Mystic

On Good Friday this year, I met up with my friend, Mystic, in the evening. I hope by the time when she reads this post, her health has gotten better.

As I was having a craving for raw fish that evening, I proposed having dinner at the Sushi Teh outlet nearby our meeting place. I think Mystic had been very kind to oblige to my request.

Mystic and myself were particularly excited by the house speciality that you see right below. If I remember correctly, it is made of salmon, asparagus, seaweed and those greenish mini-balls with a wasabi taste. The asparagus found in the core of this sushi taste gave this dish a nice crunchy yet fresh texture. The wasabi on this sushi gave a mildly exciting sensation to my tastebuds, and I liked it.

After dinner, yours truly took the lead and led Mystic to the Victoria Theatre by foot. I decided that we should walk towards Victoria Theatre by walking along the path gets us close to the Padang, along the City Hall and the old Supreme Court. Along the way, Mystic looked quite delighted to see the twinkle-like lights from the cladding structures of the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay. As for myself, I cannot help but to marvel at the beauty of the neoclassical old Supreme Court.

As I quite like the Earshot Cafe at The Arts House, I made a request to Mystic to make a trip there. I wasn't there to eat nor drink, but I had wanted to check out what kind of Singapore-related publications Earshot Cafe at The Art House carries.

I quite like the fact that I can find many Singapore-related publications there. Even the Earshot Cafe at the Esplanade did not carry such a varied collection of publications. Earshot Cafe at The Art House is a place that I would recommend for those who love to be in the midst of Singapore's music and books while enjoying a cup of nice drink.

After a short stay at The Art House, we headed for the Victoria Theatre. We were early, and I ventured to one corner of the Victoria Theatre where I saw framed photographs of scenes of Singapore in the fairly distant past.

Photoshot of a photo of statue of Sir Stamford Raffles originally erected at the Padang before being moved to the Victoria Theatre and Memorial Hall.

Just when we were wondering how we could proceed our way to the audience seats, the usherers pointed us to walk to the back of the building towards the direction of the stage door. Mystic and I followed the rest of the audience to our special seats located on the stage of Victoria Theatre. We were there to catch the performance titled 0501 (see: A unique theatrical experience). It was an interesting performance that made my mind think quite a fair bit. Memories. Interconnectedness. Threads that bind. The beauty of simplicity... All these stayed in my mind.

After the performance, Mystic and I headed towards the Esplanade Park and then towards Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay. I was in the mood to take photos and I took some photos for Mystic. Here's one particular photo that I would like to dedicate to Mystic, and I believe she will like it. For you, Mystic:

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay in the background. (Singapore)

I felt that the night was beautiful yet with a tinge of melancholy. Maybe the night needed some light? As such, I felt an inclination to take a photo of one of the lamps under the Esplanade Bridge. Then I realised, where there is light, there is shadow. Perhaps because shadows exist where there is light?

I was in a mood for the poetic, even if my approach may seem strange. Dear Mystic: sometimes I wonder if it is your blessing or your misfortune to have me as a friend. But I suppose you would be kind enough to tell me that it is the former. Wishing you peace and good health.


may said...

the sushi looks yum! and the Esplanade is so enchanting at night. looks more dreamy to me than melancholic... ;)

Happy Easter!

mistipurple said...

love your photo skills.
i am sure Mystic will be pleased!

friendship is a journey, like life. you must be special to Mystic as well. wish her good health too.

oceanskies79 said...

May: Yes, it tasted nice. Esplanade is one of my favourite places in Singapore.

Misti: Thank you very much for your compliments, and your well-wishes for Mystic.

eastcoastlife said...

The picture of The Esplanade is beautiful, so is the one on Light and Shadow. You have great photography skills huh!

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Thanks for your compliments. Like the rest of the other compliments, it puts a smile on my face. =)

At the same time, I am aware, to be an expert in photography, I would need more and a lot more practice, and lots of good guidance.

Simple American said...

See. Like I wrote before. You and Mystic always eat so well. I think you are both blessed by the other's company. And your readers are blessed to gaze upon your wonderful photographs.