Thursday, April 19, 2007

Music theory day

After double bass lesson today, I headed for HDB Hub for music theory class. I was already feeling tired from the week when I was on the taxi on my way rushing for the music theory class.

My music theory told me that from this month till later part of this year, I will be studying the related materials for Grade 7 music theory. A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the Neopolitian chord, notated either as ♭IIb or N6. I should now be able to recognise it if I were to see it on the scores and have the time to analyse the music. However, I wonder if my ears would ever recognise a Neopolitian chord from a piece of music that I were to listen to?

Sometimes I think it would be great to combine music theory, aural and practical lessons all in one. But to do that, I might still need to brush up on my foundation of music theory and aural skills.

Anyway, for today's music theory lesson, I felt so tired that I wasn't giving the lesson my full concentration. When I was assigned to identify the given chord found in Bar Two of a score, my mind drifted off and identified the first chord from Bar One!

Well, avoid me if you think you should. A tired yours truly is not an easy person to have around.


Simple American said...

Sending you a restful hug!

mistipurple said...

you are not as ogre-like as you make yourself to be! you are the sweetest even tempered person around, even in a supposedly foul mood! lol!
wish you a good day PY!

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Misti: You are generous with your praises. Thanks.