Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The gibbons on the S$50 note and more

Many people in Singapore could have own a copy of one of Chen Wen Hsi's artwork without realising it.

Unconvinced? Please take out your wallet, and look for a S$50 note (from the Portrait Series). Turn to the back of the note, and look for a pair of gibbons on it.

Image of gibbons on S$50 note

The image of those two gibbons is actually a part of an artwork by the late artist, Chen Wen Hsi.

To find out more, please read my most recent post on Convergences: Chen Wen Hsi Centennial Exhibition


Simple American said...

Those are cute. Lot of monkeys in Singapore?

eastcoastlife said...

Oh... tats new to me! Thanks PY.

SA, there are lots of monkeys in Singapore. Some exist in our Government and civil service! hahaha.....