Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to JY

It is my friend's, JY's, birthday today and since she is also part of my blogging community, there are certainly enough reasons to celebrate her birthday via a blog post.

She has written a post on 25 April 2007 on how she has spent her day. Seems like it has been a break away from the regular work routine. I think she deserves some pampering on her birthday.

Now, here's a photo that I have selected to share with her. It is the photograph of The Padang, Malay for Field.

Originally uploaded by oceanskies79.

This place has a rich history.

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mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday JY!
wish you happiness always!

may said...

Many Happy Returns, JY! hope you had a great birthday, and many more to come!

goldilocks said...

thanks, Mistipurple.

and thanks, May.

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday JY! I'm so late again.

I think she deserves pampering too. Nice girl that I met cuz of you. Another nice girl. :)