Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Having German Brunch with Mystic

In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned that I have had the Sunday German Brunch with one of my good friends, Mystic, at Paulaner Bräuhaus on the first day of April 2007.

I love the layout and settings of this lovely Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurant. If you are sharp enough to realise that I have a liking for places with tall ceilings, you can appreciate why I love the restaurant. Air feels so well-ventiliated and the space feels spacious at this restaurant.

Brunch is served in the buffet style. I had no interest to drink beer, so I opted for free-flow of iced-tea as my beverage for the Brunch. Mystic too.

I can say that the Pork Knuckle was "crackling" good. It has a delighfully crispy texture on the outside. This is one item that I recommend that you should try. I have had the chance to even tell one of the chefs that the Pork Knuckle was good. Mystic later told me that this chef whom I spoke to was the restaurant's Executive Chef Jody Yu.

On the top right corner is the crackling good Pork Knuckle.

Mystic and myself are both cheese-lovers so we took a small piece of almost all the kinds of cheese available in the buffet spread. The cheese selection is alright. For $30++, and taking into consideration of the rest of the spread, it was a good bargain. Of course, if you are only looking for buffets with a great variety of cheese, this may not be the place to check out. However, Paulaner Bräuhaus is one good place to check out if you want German food for brunch on a Sunday.

Right in the centre: several varieties of cheese and a piece of bread.
Bottom left: The asparagus soup. Yummy.

The asparagus soup is delightfully nice. Mystic was very kind to please me by helping me to get two helpings of this soup upon request. Thanks Mystic.

If you are new to German food, do try the Weiss Wurst with German dumpling. The German dumpling is moist and sticky on its inside, and the Weiss Wurst sausages complement the German dumplings very well. Try imagining how exciting it would be for the palate to chew on the moist and slightly sticky German dumplings at one moment; and at another moment, savour the soft, smooth texture of the Weiss Wurst sausages which release trickle of nice, meaty juice with every bite.

Top left: German dumpling, and Weiss Wurst.

The pretzel is one item that both Mystic and myself grew increasingly fond of with each bite we took of it. Initially, at our first bite, it felt fairly plain and boring. But as we took more bite of it, we became increasingly won over by its slightly salty dough-taste. The inside was soft. I like its smooth, glazed outer surface. The more I ate it, the more I like the distinctive favour of the pretzel

In the foreground: the pretzel.

There were much more varieties of food offered for the German Brunch, but I shall just point out those that Mystic and myself were particularly fond of.

In my earlier post, I have mentioned that Mystic likes the Weissbier Tiramisu and she stated that it is "the best dessert in Singapore" (of course, she qualified that this statement was based solely on her personal preferences). I found out that Weissbier Tiramisu is made with wheat beer and pumpernickel bread. I like its nice cinnamon flavour and fragrance. The smooth, rich cream of this dessert was pleasantly unforgettable.

Mystic and myself sampled the chocolate truffle cake and I think this is one heavenly tasting cake for dark-chocolate lovers. I love its dark, smooth, rich chocolate cream filling. It was not too sweet, and the chocolate layer tasted dark with character. In the Singapore's language, I can say that this cake is simply "shiok" (a Singaporean expression denoting extreme pleasure or the highest quality). I won't mind missing the chocolate fondue just to get more chocolate truffle cake, but of course, you must remember that I am a dark chocolate lover.

In conclusion, Paulaner Bräuhaus is a nice and fairly value-for-money restaurant for a lovely and cosy Sunday brunch. The food is pretty rich, so please be prepared that you may not even feel hungry to have dinner after having a bruch there.

Mystic's only comment on where the Sunday German Brunch needs improvement is that the restaurant could give its guests an option to choose between hot and cold free-flow drinks. Right now, there's an extra charge for free-flow hot drinks. Mystic is easy-to-pleased, and if there is simple coffee or tea to choose from, she will give an extra thumbs-up for Paulaner Bräuhaus.

Before we left the restaurant, Mystic saw that I was attracted with taking photographs of the beautiful paintings that were hung at various points of the restaurant. Perhaps she could not understand why I have a preference to take photos from a slanted angle, she requested for my camera to take photos from a straight angle. Of course, I obliged. I have nothing to lose to lend my good friend my camera for a while. Maybe one day, she would appreciate that my view that there is beauty in the unorthodox and in the imperfection. Beauty is simply not what one sees; It is what one feels.

Now, if there is a competition going on, which one of the two photos below would you prefer. Yours truly's or Mystic's?

Taken by yours truly. From a slanted angle.

Taken by Mystic.

Whatever the results may be, I would like to thank Mystic for her company over brunch. She may be one of those few ones who would be sincerely interested to listen to me ramble as such: "Sunday is the first day of the week, and breakfast is the first meal of the day. An enjoyable breakfast on Sunday helps one start the week in a good tone."

Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore
9 Raffles Boulevard,
Time² @ Millenia Walk,
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6883 2572


mistipurple said...

i like both pics. both are different. *wink*

eastcoastlife said...

Very nice detailed post of the restaurant and food. Makes me want to go there for brunch. I shall do it next Sunday :)

Chris loves crackling pork knuckles.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Yes, Misti. You are so politically correct. *winks*

Simple American: Yes, it was, especially when I have a good company of a good friend. =)
Hey, you have yet to cast your vote whether my photo or Mystic's photo was better! (see the last two photos on this post.)

Eastcoastlife: Yes, it is nice. Please remember to call to make reservation. This place is very popular.
And like Simple American, you have yet to cast your vote whether my photo or Mystic's photo was better! (see the last two photos on this post.)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! That looks likes an awesome buffet spread. I love the German pork knuckles! You sure know how to enjoy life, PY! Can't wait to see what you're going to eat next week!

oceanskies79 said...

Edwin: Your baby son is so adorable. I am sure he is the pride and joy of you and your wife.

I don't go for such food everytime, just once in a while. But when I do, I tend to post on my blog.

SA: Hey, you are just like Mistipurple. Politically correct.