Sunday, April 29, 2007

What PY would shop for

Some of my colleagues and friends would have observed me looking lost or bored when they start to talk about places to shop for value-for-money fashion, the various designs of shoes and so forth. Yes, I was. When I was at places like Central and Square 2, I found myself unable to comprehend what draws people to these shopping malls. There was hardly any shop (except maybe the eating places) that would attract me to visit these malls on a regular basis!

Anyway, I have gradually learn to realise that I am not a person from the mainstream. I do shop, and the following would be things that I would be glad to shop for:

Music-related books

Thanks to my music theory tutor, who obviously is a supporter of the publications written by the late Prof. William Lovelock, I have found myself visiting the Yamaha at Plaza Singapura shopping mall to get my supplies of such publication. While doing so, I would find myself browsing many other music-related books found right there. I could say that Yahama has quite a fairly interesting collection of reference materials that would suit my preferences than those found in Music Essential, another store that sells music-related publication.

Page One also carries interesting music-related publications, so I would usually find myself at the Page One section of the Kinokuniya bookstore at Ngee Ann City shopping mall.

It has became a necessity to shop for such books as I needed a couple of good music reference books to refer to so as to write decent programme notes for the DipABRSM exams.

Double Bass related scores and books

I also like to shop for double bass scores. After much search around the known parts of Singapore, I have found out that Gramercy Music is by far the shop in Singapore with the most extensive collection of double bass scores and method books. Most double bass players who are sitting for ABRSM Grade 5 to 8 practical examinations could find some of scores at Gramercy Music required for their exams. Do check it out Gramercy Music out if you are a double bass players sitting for ABRSM of those mentioned grades.

However, there is actually quite a limited collection of double bass scores and books available in Singapore. As such, I have found myself purchasing many of such items directly from online sources as such Lemur Music.

Double Bass Accessories

My friend, Mystic, may start to exclaim if she were to know I am still looking for a double bass bow case that suits my needs. I remember that two years ago, Mystic, had been so nice to travel all about Singapore with me to search for a suitable double bass bow case, but I did not find one that had pleased me enough.

It is worthwhile to shop for double bass accessories because these items will certainly come in handy since I play the double bass fairly regularly. Furthermore, I get to know what limited choices a double bass player in Singapore would have when it comes to shopping for double bass accessories.

Books in general

I remember Emily telling me that most music-students and music-professors would find themselves either in shops selling music-records or books. I suppose there are some truth in it, because I prefer shopping for books than shopping for fashion.

Books related to visual arts, architecture, travel, culture, anthropology, music and ancient civilisations tend to attract my eyes and interest. Reading is good, it enriches the mind.


I usually don't buy recordings because I can't find interesting double bass recordings in Singapore. I also realise that if I do buy recordings, I do not listen to them on a very regular basis, so I figured it might be a more cost-effective way to simply listen to music from 92.4 F.M. over the radio. In addition, I can go the library@esplanade to borrow recordings from the library.

Anyway, I do find myself window-shopping at shops that sells CD and music-recordings. HMV and Borders generally have a few collections of double bass related CDs that would be available for sale, so I usually visit either one of these.

If I do purchase the recording of any symphonies, I will definitely get a recording of a complete symphony, and not one with an excerpt of it. When I see CD compilations containing excerpts of many symphonies in the stores, and I realised that I will put them back onto the shelves once I realised that those were excerpts and not complete works. It may be just me, I prefer listening to complete symphonies than excerpts of symphonies.

I have been looking around for one particular CD, but have yet to find it. It's: Arthur Rubinstein - Chopin 19 Nocturnes (ASIN: B000031WBV). If you were to see it in Singapore, please do let me know?

Having written the above, I am quite interested to know what my peers would shop for and their motivations for shopping for these things. For one thing, I still can't quite figure out what makes some of my friends willing to spend a substantial amount of their money on fashion. If it were me, I would have saved it to buy a better double bass.


eastcoastlife said...

I don't like to shop but when I have the time to do it, I usually buy more to save time. Especially when I'm overseas and the clothes are good and cheap, I would buy two luggage full. And books. I buy lots of books which I have no time to read. hahaha.... funny shopping habits I have.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Eastcoastlife, thanks for sharing. Won't you end up buying too much things you don't need in the end?

Hmmm...don't tell me you bought books for your son?

eastcoastlife said...

yes... usually end up buying too much things. I have to give away 7 big boxes of clothes (new, not worn) last year to charities.

I usually buy books for myself, only when I see a good read for him, then I buy. He's into games, fancy cars, guns.

pinkie said...

you're a special girl :)

I wonder too, wat's at Central and Square 2?

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Gosh you have overbrought things. Actually, I think you may do a better service to the charities to just buy whatever you need, and donate whatever amount you would have used to overspend on clothes to the charities. *Winks*

Gosh, 7 big boxes of new clothes to give away! I can't imagine myself doing that.

Pinkie: At Square 2, there is a Korean themed shopping enclave at the third floor, selling Korean food, fashion, beauty products & services and homeware.

I also saw shops selling Japanese, Asian fashion, at least according to what I have understood from my friends.

Simple American said...

I may try to go back to music. My daughter wants to learn how to play drums. I may just buy a practive pad and some sticks. See if I can find a rudiments book.