Sunday, April 22, 2007

A tinge of melancholy

Originally uploaded by oceanskies79.

I feel a tinge of melancholy
But I don't know the source of it
No tear ran
Though the throat felt choked

Maybe it is because
Of nostalgia
A feeling I can't express
For time seems to run so fast
Yet beyond my comprehension

Perhaps the tinge of melancholy
Is a reminder to me
To treasure the good things
That are now with me

Footnote: In junior college years and my earlier undergraduate years, I often took walks along the footway near those fence-like structures. Years later, the road that I used to know is no longer there, and replacing it is a large area of green land. The library that used to sit nearby is gone too. But the memories stay.


eastcoastlife said...

Where's this? I can't recognise the place. National Library's old site?

pinkie said...

guess I know tat feeling... we might have a different story though... no tear ran, throat felt choked... tat's the feeling...

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: The green patch of land used to be the previous Stamford Road. The photo doesn't quite depict the former National Library but the library but the library should have sat roughly at the extreme left of the photo.

Pinkie: Take care please.

Simple American said...

Sad how the old is gone, but good the memories remain.