Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A site to read: Jalan Kayu Trail

Thanks to the Friends of Yesterday.sg, I managed to know of this blog known as The Jalan Kayu Trail Blog. These students and the folks from Pei Hwa Secondary's 3E3 deserve our praises and accolades. Cheers.

I best remember Jalan Kayu for the famous Roti Prata stall in that area. I have been there on a few occasions. But I realised after browsing The Jalan Kayu Trail Blog, that there is more to be discovered about Jalan Kayu. For example: the black and white bungalows there, the Seletar Airport, the kampong life, the rubber plantation in the past and more. So please check it out here: http://jalankayutrail.blogspot.com

Take your time, I too have lots to catch up on from The Jalan Kayu Trail Blog.


eastcoastlife said...

Hey PY, this is so informative. Thanks. Nice write-up and pics from the olden days.

I have been to Jalan Kayu many times and it is a tranquil place. I like the roti prata there too.

oceanskies79 said...

And the best part of that Jalan Kayu Trail blog is that it was an initiative by secondary students.

eastcoastlife said...

yes, I agree with you. These students are quite thorough in their research.