Tuesday, November 04, 2008

19 Sep 2008: A night out with SG

Lovely cakes.

After parting with HQ at the hotel, yours truly took a shower before going for an early evening nap. The nap recharged me and got me feeling refreshed by the night to meet yet another friend, SG, who was in Melbourne.

SG recommended me to a cafe, and if my memory works well, it's named Crown Cafe Bakery. This place certainly sells delicious and fresh mango gateau. In addition to the mango gateau, I had the hot and spicy pasta. SG and I caught up with each other at the cafe.

Perhaps the experience at the cafe would be perfect if we weren't in Melbourne where establishments generally close early, and if the cafe did not have to play music at a blasting volume to remind its customers that it was closing for the day.

You see, yours truly has an aversion to noises. You read it, noises. The louder the noise, the harder it would be for yours truly to finish her meal. I was so determined to finish my meal that night, that I think the staff at the cafe must be wondering why I seem to take ages just to finish a bowl of hot and spicy pasta. The thing is that I would have finished it much faster if they had played some soothing classical music at moderate volume. Maybe they don't know human psychology well, and I don't expect them to.

SG had latte.

It was very sweet of SG to give me recommendations for breakfast the following day. She also brought me about the streets of Melbourne to see how the city looked at night. Upon my unconventional request to know the location of the nearest post office to the hotel, she went the extra mile to walk all the way with me to show me where the post office was. Thanks SG. I appreciate your kindness.

Before we part, SG and I took a few photos together at the hotel. We met a hotel staff with quite an interesting sense of humour, and I suppose I took him too seriously. Anyway, any time with friends would be good time however things turn out to be. Life is beautiful when one knows how to take delight in what is essential.


pinkie said...

wah something new I learn about you today... correlation of noise and speed of food consumption! :)tot if they play fast music, we will eat faster... tat's what I learnt in poly when I took retail management course.... and say if the shop plays fast music, customers tend to make their choice faster so the shop's cash register will go 'ka-chiing ka-chiing' more frequent.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: I won't say that what you've learnt in the retail management course is wrong. In fact, if they were to play a fast classical music, at moderate or soft volume, I would have happily been influenced to eat at a faster speed.

However, not with noise and loud, unpleasant music.

Anonymous said...

yes it was annoying indeed! I remember my eyes continued to rang after we got out of the restaurant.. :) Yes it's called Crown bakery and they are known for their mango cakes! Please don't thank me.. I should be the one thanking you for your lovely gift and encouraging note! I keep your pen in my bag all the time now! sg

oceanskies79 said...

sg: I'm glad that you like the pen and have a use for it. :)