Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reading books on Tan Kah Kee

After my visit to the exhibition "The Legacy of Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong Chian", aside from writing two blog posts on my visit to the exhibition, I went to borrow two books on Tan Kah Kee from the library.

Here are the two books:

Ward, A.H.C., Chu, R. W. Salaff, J. (Ed.s. & translators) (1994). The Memoirs of Tan Kah Kee. Singapore: Singapore University Press.
(Call Number: RSING 338.04092 TAN dilb)

Yong, C. F. (1989). Tan Kah-Kee: The Making of an Overseas Chinese Legend. Singapore: Oxford University Press. (Call Number: 338.4092 YON)

Personally, I found the latter to be much more reader friendly. In some ways, the latter very succinctly sums up some of the key ideas that can be found in the former, i.e. The Memoirs of Tan Kah Kee. Of course, for the academics, they may prefer to read the original Nanqiao Huiyilu written by Tan Kah-Kee so as to get first-hand information about how this remarkable person views his life.

For both books, I did not read from them from cover to cover. I merely browsed through the pages, and read sections that appeared to be of interest to me. I suppose for folks who would like an easier read, in the English langyuage, to know about Tan Kah Kee, I would recommend them to read The Making of an Overseas Chinese Legend rather than The Memoirs of Tan Kah Kee.

Meantime, if you are keen to learn about Tan Kah Kee, you could check out Wikipedia too:

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