Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Mystic

The Weissbier Tiramisu that Mystic had sang praise of.

4 November. This is a special day because it is the birthday of one of my good friends, Mystic. I am grateful that I have found a friend in her.

She has been very supportive and has offered to help me with logistics when I had to rehearse for music exams. She took time to lend me her ears, on her birthday, last year when I needed a ear because I had not pass the music exams. She was tremendously kind and patient with me when I get grouchy. She is probably wise to know that I love to put my analytical powers to use, so she strategically gets me to exercise them well enough so that my analytical skills won't rust from underuse. She cooks lovely porridge and treated me to some when I was down with a flu recently.

It is with gratitude for her friendship that I compose this post. I wish Mystic a Happy Birthday. Wishing her happiness and dreams come true!

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