Sunday, November 02, 2008

19 Sep 2008: The St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

Other than Federation Square, one other place that HQ, FY and I visited while I was in Melbourne on 19 Sep 2008 was the St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne. The St Paul's Anglican Cathedral is a major landmark in Melbourne. It is a Victorian Gothic Revival style cathedral built in 1880 - 1891. I heard from HQ that all roads in Melbourne City leads to St Paul's Cathedral. It is as if all roads in Melbourne City leads one to spirituality, and to God.

I was feeling rather disoriented and unwell prior to walking into the cathedral. Perhaps having to wake up early that day and to orientate myself to Melbourne after a flight from Sydney had taken away from me quite a bit of energy. I was like a weary visitor walking into the cathedral. Yet, strangely, the moment that I walked into the St Paul's Cathedral, I could sense its positive and harmonising vibes. Somehow, the positive energy that I sensed the moment that I walked into the St Paul's Cathedral had a recharging and calming effect on me.

The Cathedral itself has an impressive architecture. I don't know how to describe it, but one simply feels good and calm when one is inside the Cathedral. A well-designed building often leaves me with similar positive feelings too.

The organ at St Paul's Cathedral. I took this wanting to show one of my friends, J, who plays the organ, but the photo turned out not too clear.

May you find peace and respite as you walked with me through the few photos that I had taken at the St Paul's Cathedral.


eastcoastlife said...

Such a beautiful building! I love the colourful stained glass. I visited it the last time I was in Melbourne with Jaymes.

oceanskies79 said...

It is a beautiful cathedral indeed. It gave me good vibes. :)