Thursday, November 20, 2008

Explore Singapore Today!

Experience the fun and vibrant side of the museums. From my point of view, a day spent at the museum is way more fulfilling and enriching than a day spent at the shopping malls. Alright, I am biased. I generally don't like shopping.

Anyway, one can have lots of fun at the museum. Explore the museums in Singapore in the upcoming "Explore Singapore!" event that will be held from 20 Nov - 7 Dec 2008. There's so many interesting activities to check out that I could only lament that I have limited time for everything.

Here's the website of "Explore Singapore!":

By the way, Second Shot has a pretty well-written short post that's titled Heritage with a modern twist: Explore Singapore 2008!


kyh said...

I've nvr been to Sg. I pray everyday that some kind Samaritans would sponsor my trip there... :p

oceanskies79 said...

May you find a sponsor soon. Maybe one day you would be rich enough to sponsor your own trip here?