Thursday, November 20, 2008

People to be grateful for

I am inspired to write a series of posts of people I am grateful for in my life. I do not know how this series of posts would turn out. I do not have a concrete plan in mind who would be the people that I would write about. It will be a pleasant surprise for me to see how this series of posts would unfold by itself.

Heartfelt gratitude to my maternal grandmother:

I would like to begin this post by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to a very significant person in my life. She's my maternal grandmother. Both my parents have been working even before I was born. It was my maternal grandmother who has made sacrifices to take care of me and my siblings when we were young, when my parents were working.

I thank her for her encouragement and her belief in me. I believe it was her constant encouragement that has helped me aspire to do my best possible. I believe she deserves quite a bit of credit for my eventual completion of tertiary education for she has given me the much needed encouragement and moral support during some of the most difficult times of my life. Without her constant moral support, I might have lost sight of the bigger picture and given up on my academic pursuits prematurely.

Heartfelt thanks to my maternal grandmother for the love and care she has showered me, and all her loved ones. She has taught me some good values that I will probably find forever useful in my life. I have a lot to thank her for which I shall not attempt to list out. With deep thanks to my maternal grandmother.

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