Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Alaturka again!

17 Nov 2008: I had a meal at Alaturka again. This time, I have had the pleasure to have the company of Pinkie who blogs at her private blog, Love always....

While I have been reading her blog every now and then for the past three years, we hardly have the chance to meet up to chat and get to know each other better face-to-face. I'm glad that I have the privilege to spend some time with this fellow blogger finally. It was a long overdued meet-up. In August 2008, Pinkie had requested that I 'jio' her (i.e. bring her along) when I next visit Alaturka. This visit to Alaturka with Pinkie took about three months to materialise. I suppose it was worth the wait?

Pinkie was lucky! She managed to get to drink the Iced Apple Tea. The last time that I was eating at Alaturka, with eastcoastlife, the Iced Apple Tea was not available. Personally, I prefer the hot apple tea because my throat seems to get irritated easily when I drink too much cold drinks. I find Alaturka's apple tea to have a nice fragrance and a rich taste. It's worth a try.

We decided that we must take a picture of the Iced Apple Tea to satisfy the curiosity and yearnings of eastcoastlife. That is if she still cares about drinking Iced Apple Tea from Alaturka. I don't know how it tastes like, so I shall wait for Pinkie to make comments on this. Now, let's cheers to good health and fine food!

Other than the apple tea, we ordered the Lavash, chicken musakka and the coban salata. The coban salata was a healthy choice. Pinkie's strong observation skills got her to notice that one of the guests ate an entire coban salata dish by himself! In contrast, Pinkie and I had to share the same dish so that we could finish it.

I was impressed how Pinkie's strong observation skills enabled her to notice the various ways different guests ate their lavash. It seemed that different guests ate it in different ways. Hmmm...so it seems like I have got the wrong way of eating lavash. According to this Wikipedia site, the "soft form of the lavash tastes better and is easier to use when making wrap sandwiches". Does that mean that I should eat the lavash like wrap sandwiches? Truly, I have no idea how to eat the lavash the authentic way. Maybe Alaturka could consider giving a short "Introduction to eating Turkish food the Turkish way" briefing for any guest who is curious? This is a way to educate its guests and make the dining experience memorable.

On the side, in my attempt to learn how lavash is being made, I've managed to find a YouTube video on this subject. Be patient and enjoy this video for 12.5 minutes:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvC1yJUErDw

I am biased. When it comes to the musakka from Alaturka, I think the mutton version is still nicer than the chicken version. Anyway, the chicken version was acceptable though I would rave more about its mutton musakka. The presentation of the musakka is nice, and I noticed that many of the guests would order the musakka!

If you ask me if I would go back to Alaturka again. I would say that I would. The apple tea is nice. I heard from my friend, XS, that the Turkish coffee from Alaturka, is nicely rich too. Pinkie suggested Alaturka can be a nice place for tea. I shall consider going to Alaturka for tea one day. In fact, I realised that visiting Alaturka brings me fond memories such that I am likely to visit it just to trigger and to relive those fond memories of my past experiences eating there. I suppose I am quite a nostalgic being.

Here's the address of Alaturka and its contact number for those of you who would like to visit it one day:

Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
16 Bussorah Street Singapore 199437
Tel/Fax: 62940304

Last but not the least, wishing you delight simply by looking at nice food.


Anonymous said...

The food looks very yummy. Thanks for the post on this food outlet.

Doreen said...

The turkish food look rather lip smacking. I'm sure you had a great time there with Pinkie

pinkie said...

I definitely wanna go back there again... I will try the hot apple tea and the mutton musakka :)

oceanskies79 said...

Ordinary Post: You could check it out one day. If you should need company to check it out, I could consider being your company if my schedule permits.

Doreen: The apple tea is nice.

Pinkie: I'm glad that you seem to like it. I suppose it's a good place for tea. :)

Emy said...

the last time i walked past alaturka, i realised the prices increased by quite a bit... the next time i go, im going to get some sheesha.