Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lots to be grateful for

4 Nov 2008.

Other than being grateful that I have a good friend in Mystic, and that it was her birthday, I think I have lots to be grateful for.

While I am still having a heavy cough and am at the verge of speaking with one of the most sexiest voices on Earth, I am feeling much more better. Thank you for the well-wishes that you have sent in. At least, the flu has been curbed, and I am coughing less frequently.

I am thankful that I still have the voice to sing a Birthday song to Mystic over the phone. I think she was pretty surprised and perhaps amused to hear me singing it in my quiet office with colleagues sitting around me.

This day, Cool Insider posted a post titled Podcamp 2.0 and The Story of I quite like the presentation titled Old Stories New Media that was put up in that post. Readers may have realised that I am one of the Friends of, Singapore's Heritage, Museum and Nostalgia Blog. It is heartening to see growing steadily over the past two years since I've joined the team. I am thankful that I have the pleasure and privilege to be one of the Friends of Yesterday. It has given me many valuable opportunities to share about my interest in museums and heritage through writing. One of the museums even delighted my day by giving me a personalised tour on one of my favourite sculptors when I asked to write an article on an exhibition featuring the sculptor's works!

I've managed to connect at a heart-to-heart level with a couple of my clients. It is always a meaningful experience to be able to see things from my clients' point of view, and then make the necessary therapeutic interventions that would move them out of impasse.

A word of thanks to a phone operator, who addressed herself as Sam, for helping to answer my query. That helped me figure which outlet I could visit to get some transactions done after my last meeting at night in the office.

Workwise, I have finished working on quite a couple of paperwork today. With focus and discipline, I hope to clear most of the outstanding paperwork pretty soon.

After work, I've managed to reach a particular outlet to get the services that I would need, just a few seconds before it closes for the day. I am deeply grateful that the counter staff still so patiently attended to me even though the entire transaction stretched beyond the opening hours of the outlet. Many thanks to the taxi driver who thoughtfully took the appropriate routes to get me there safe and just in time.

Thankfully, I've managed to reach home not too late so that I could speak with Mystic over the phone to discuss how she would like to celebrate her birthday when I meet her in a few days time. I also got to put my analytical skills to some use during my conversation with her, even though I think she may be getting a little bored that I was possibly repeating the same assessment simply using different expressions.

I'm thankful for a chance to be of service to a few of my friends. As my junior college's motto would say, it's "Service with Honour", and it is an honour to be of service to friends.

I've managed to get in touch with an ex-classmate via text-messages today after having not kept in touch with her for quite a long while. She happened to share the same birthday date as Mystic.

The people I have met during the day have been generally nice and helpful. I suppose when one smiles, the rest of the world would tend to smile back at oneself?

May there be lots of things to be grateful for in your life.


mistipurple said...

Cheers to your good friend, Mystic.
May your friendship last forever. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: Thank you for your cheers. :)