Friday, November 07, 2008

Lovely gifts from Australia

Quite a few weeks ago, to my surprise, I had received items that had been sent across the miles from Australia. It is delightful to find anything (except bills) for me sent via conventional mail.

Other than a lovely necklace with a pendant with dolphin designs, there was a very thoughtful book titled "Wildlife Australia" from RL.

When I was at Taronga Zoo earlier this September
, I could hardly see an awake koala. I only caught one of the koala bears opening its eyes for less than three seconds. Then it closed its eyes. Now, with the thoughtful "Wildlife Australia" from RL , I could be treated to a number of photographs of koala at their awake moments. These marsupials sleep for much of the entire day that I suppose the photographers must have spent hours waiting just to capture those special moments when the koalas are awake. Many thanks to RL for her thoughtful gifts.

I am glad that I've got in touch again with RL through Facebook, and had the pleasure to meet up with her when I was in Sydney. I'm thankful for the privilege to get to know her better as a friend, and to tour a part of Sydney with her. Thankfully, she seemed to enjoy walking as much as I do. Otherwise, I fear I may soon become very notorious for making friends walk long distance simply because I love sightseeing on foot. Whatever it is, I realised I have more precious memories of Sydney than I had imagined because she has taken the care and effort to lend me her company while I was there.

Many thanks again to RL for her gifts and her invaluable gift of friendship. All these are unexpected gifts that have touched my heart in special ways.

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