Wednesday, November 05, 2008

20 Sep 2008: Solo walk about Melbourne

My stay in Melbourne was intended to be short. I was to leave Melbourne to return to Singapore by about 3 p.m. on 20 Sep 2008. Effectively, that means that I spent slightly more than 24 hours in Melbourne. The stay was short. Afterall, I had to be back to work by a specified date. More essentially, I prefer to spend as much time as I could in Sydney.

The night before when I met up with SG, she was very kind to offer to be my breakfast companion for 20 Sep 2008. I hope she didn't find me rude when I earnestly declined her offer in the end. While I like her company, my need for time alone by myself was too strong that day. I wonder if it was through taking solo walks about places that gave me the solitude and space that I greatly need? The paradox would be that there is an equal intensity in me to wish to connect with the people around me too.

Anyway, the choice for 20 Sep 2008 was to walk about Melbourne in the morning, on my own. I woke up early because the first thing on my mind was to make sure I get enough postage to post a couple of items. When I travel overseas, the postal services became one of my favourite services to use. It usually brings me delight to post something seemingly simple, across the miles, from a foreign place, to the people whom I treasure.

I was too early and the post ofice had yet to open for the day, so I simply walked about to enjoy the sights of the streets of Melbourne. The Saturday morning out alone was pleasant and recharging.

St Paul's Cathedral.

A tram!

Federation Square.

Flinders Street Station

A sculpture. One thing about Melbourne is that art is everywhere.

I like the composition, and the contrast between the shadows and the light areas of this photo, against the cloudy blue skies.

St Francis Church. Victoria's Oldest Catholic Church.

When it was nearing the opening hours of the post-office, I headed for the post-office. I was its first customer for the day. I made sure that the postage was correct and then headed for breakfast.


Unknown said...

Hey Melbourne's nice and one of the greatest holidays I had last year. As you already know, I am going back there again practically most of next year to do my Masters in Arts Management at University of Melbourne. Nice photos you got there and glad you managed to pack in some sightseeing...;)

oceanskies79 said...

Cool Insider: I'm glad that I have managed to do so sightseeing in Melbourne despite my limited time there. I think you are definitely looking forward to your Masters in Arts Management. Enjoy! I'll look forward to see you share your learning points.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish you could spend more time in Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Grampians Mountain Ranges are nice places to take pictures.. :) One of my fave places in melbourne is this cottage-like restaurant called Miss Marples. It's like a 2-3 (I think) hr drive up to the Dandenong Mountains... and the afternoon tea there is so delicious! I can just sit there all afternoon...eating and reading..:) Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to indicate that the previous pos was me, sg~!