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15 Aug 05: Phantom of the Opera

15 Aug 05:

I headed back to the Russell Hotel after my visit to Hyde Park. The most convenient form of transport that I could think of then was the tube, and I took a tube to Russell Square tube station.

I took a shower at the hotel room, got myself ready to catch a musical later that evening. When I was ready, I left for the tube station to take to tube to Piccadilly Circus tube station. With some effort, I found out the directions to Her Majesty's Theatre where The Phantom of the Opera would be shown.

As I walked towards Her Majesty's Theatre, I could see many other theatres establishment along the way. I felt as if I was living in a place called Theatrelands. London is like a cultural hub. Every day when I was in London, I could see posters on the various theatre performances. I suppose people in London are spoilt for choice where theatre performances are concern. I should be thankful that I could find time to attend at least one of these theatres performances.

When I was very near Her Majesty's Theatre, I stopped at one of the restaurants and had Japanese-style ramen for dinner. The sign outside the restaurant clearly stated that service charge was not included. I must have been so obedient to the recommendations written on the guide book (AA Essential Guide London) that I added an extra 10% to the final bill as tips. In fact, it was slightly more than an extra 10%. The guide book said that it is recommended that one adds an extra 10% as tips when one eats in a restaurant where service charge is not included. Dinner was alright though not yet heavenly.

I reached Her Majesty's Theatre at least half an hour before the show started. That allowed me to take my own time to find the seat and to read the programme notes. I brought along a pair of binoculars with me too for the show. That would save me a pound, for if I were to rent binoculars for the show, that would be about a pound.

Her Majesty Theatre


Please join me to catch this musical by visiting the official website for The Phantom of the Opera:

In short, this musical is about the mysterious masked Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House and falls in love with the beautiful singer, Christine.

My favourite numbers are: All I Ask of You, The Music of the Night, and The Point of No Return

Some scenes were interesting. For example, Scene 3 of Act One - Christine's Dressing Room, when Christine was drawn by the Phantom into the dark beyond the mirror in her dressing room. I was intrigued by how that illusion was created.

Scene 10 of Act One at the Roof of the Opera House has some nice touching music suited for yours truly's ears. In this scene, Christine fled with Raoul (her childhood friend) to the roof of the Opera House for safety, agreeing to leave the Opera House together that night. When the Phantom heard their conversation, he vowed vengeance. The crashing down of the chandelier at the end of Scene 10 set a dramatic end to Act One of the musical.

Somehow, I was also attracted to the seemingly dark and comparatively more solemn nature of Scene 5 of Act Two - A graveyard in Perros. Here, Christine was visting her father's grave.

For more of the story, click on this link.

The Phantom of the Opera has been quite a captivating production. It was also great to have the orchestra playing the music live. It was good playing.

After the show, I walked along this street called Haymarket before taking the tube back to the hotel. While I was walking back to the hotel, I was humming tunes from The Phantom of the Opera.

Her Majesty's Theatre after the show.


The streets of London at night. Walking along Haymarket.


mistipurple said...

thanks for writing this so well. i feel almost like i'm there. the chandelier crashing must have been very dramatic and exciting.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Misti, thanks for being one of my most ardent supporters of this blog.

I couldn't have remembered everything from the scenes, so I made sure I brought the programme booklet back with me to Singapore.

Simple American said...

I am a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera. Seen it twice and hope to see it again.

We took my duaghter last time and now she has added All I Ask of You to her song list for piano. She really plays it well.

oceanskies79 said...

Simple American: You must have been proud of your dear daughter. =)