Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The plant in the greenhouse

A little plant
In the greenhouse
With little skills to survive
In the world outside

Purely kept alive by its inner will
And the hope
Of seeing its inner vision
Being realised as the real world outside

Now the vision
Is running vague and dim
From the storms and confusion
Of the external world

It wishes to be showered
With love and encouragement
Yet too proud to ask
For fear of being mistakened weak

Wants protection
But hates intrusion
So trapped in its greenhouse
Uncertain where else it could be nurtured

Brighten the world if it could
And comfort the souls of a few
But lost as to where
It should really be
To accomplish
Its true life's mission and destiny


Simple American said...

Love is all around you oceanskies.

True love never intrudes.
It's a hug when you need.
A step aside when solitude is desired.
Love does not have to be returned when true,
But if love is given to love then it grows like a krokus.

Love and its pursuit is never weak.
It is required for the human heart.
Love manifests itself in many ways and differently to each of us.
But soul love sustains us and makes us richer and wipes away all uncertainty.

mistipurple said...

question not too much
as there are not as many answers
enjoy each day as you are healthy
and do all things that you enjoy

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Simple American and Mistipurple: Two wise persons sharing wise words...I still need time to fully appreciate your kind words.