Thursday, October 20, 2005

The journey feels easier because you are around

To: All readers of this blog,

Wrote and shared my inner world
Recapitulate my journey through life
Thanks for walking with me
At your pace yet not too far away

The journey is mine alone
But lonely, no longer quite so
I did not know I could have
Sought solace from a world I have wrote

At times therapeutic
Later a way to express
My journey has actually been easier
Thanks to your supportive presence


mistipurple said...

my journey is also made more pleasant, by your company. i too, would never have thought it would have led to a friendship that is both profound.. and sweet.
so for now, i blog on, not so much for myself, but for my fellow friends whom i've met along the way, for i cannot leave them on their journeys alone. we have.. become a family. thanks for walking with me this one whole year, and now, for carrying on this journey face to face, though still, at a distance we both need, for our space..

Simple American said...

I enjoy cruising the blogs. Your blog is always a good place to stop, because there is usually something new to read or view. An important part of my web journeys.

Glad if I can ever cheer you up or help define my experience so you can avoid my mistakes.

pinkie said...

Blogspace is for me, you and everybody... it's good to be here for one another ;)

Hilda said...

Oh that was beautiful! It's great to go along on the ride with you. I wish you all the best always, Hilda.

Caracola said...

Py!! i think that was so oh nice!!! i think the same way...and soon you will be meeting some of the coolest how cool is that?
only it could happen in blogland, so.....enjoy!! ;-)
and have a grrrrreat weekend!