Monday, October 03, 2005

I must have been awfully careless!

It took almost an entire four hours to realise how careless I could be!

This evening, I decided I would like a copy of the recording of The Phantom of the Opera, and so after work and dinner, I went to the Sembawang Music Centre's Audiophile Heaven outlet at Northpoint. I finally found two different recordings.

I was deciding which recording to buy so I asked for one of the staff to help me play it. Initially, I thought that she would help me play it out on the public speakers in the shop. Instead, she led me to one of the personal CD players and helped me put the CD in.

I listen to All I Ask of You. It was captivating and moving. I settled for the album with two CDs and more numbers from The Phantom of Opera. My ears must have been so deeply moved that I did not realise I would end up carelessly leaving the CD disc inside the CD player. The next thing I did was to walk to the counter with the packaging of the recording, with one CD short (this album comes with two CDs), and asked for payment.

Sigh, and I did not realise it until now. What would happen if someone took that CD that I had carelessly left behind away? I bought that album because I want to listen to the numbers on the first CD, and I carelessly left it there in the shop.

Now, lessons learnt:

- I can be awfully disturbed by loud noises! I should avoid buying things from shops that plays loud music, and if I have to make my purchases under such circumstances, I shall have to be much more careful and alert. (The shop was playing music at very loud decibels such that I could even hear what was being played on its general speakers while I was hearing All I Ask of You using the headphone).

- Since I may be at risk of leaving CDs in CD players, next time, I shall ask to try albums using the general speakers and not the personal ones.

- If I do have to use the personal CD players, I should make sure that when I am done with my trials, instead of going straight to the counter (and risk leaving a CD behind), I should insist that the shop assistant come over and help me to repack the album for me.
(Now you know why some customers seem to have so weird is because of their previous careless experiences.)

- I can be careless.

Sigh. Now I sull. Like any child who has lost a treasure.

Hopefully this matter would be resolved when I make a visit to the shop during lunchtime tomorrow. What a trouble, but a necessity.

The question is, whether I could have the time to do so and still have my lunch. Evening does not seem good, for I am scheduled to have night duty tomorrow. Wish me lots and lots of luck in resolving this matter. If you have realised, I can sometimes get paranoid when I have lost thing.


Calamity Man said...

dont be too hard on yourself ok.

Simple American said...

Call them. You spent money. Its their CD player, They are responsible to give you what you pay for.

Calamity Man said...

im sure they will.

i asked for cigarettes the other day but in my haste i paid for it but forgot to take it with me.

but i called jelte and asked him to rescue it for me as i was on the train and got it back.

pinkie said...

yeah, call them and they should put it aside for you to collect... hope u get it back soon...

小芬 said...

it is understandable that losing things may makes one paranoid, i get paranoid too even at times when i forgot things i ought to remember.

think your CD should be safe and sound. :)