Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moments of Doubts of the Self

Like day follows the night
And otherwise
Where confidence comes
Follow so does doubt

Like two sides of the coin
Forces dual and meant to co-exist
Interwoven they led
To ups and downs
Uncertainties then discoveries

Now moments of doubts creep in
Urging one to look deeper in
To find the real key
That will unlock one from the shackles of doubts

Doubts leave one out of balance
At times sullen
Sap one's energies
When one tries to resist

The self does not know
Its life destiny
But now all seem not to fit
Doubts pour in

When would the coin turn
The other side?
Release one to freedom
Even if only temporary


Simple American said...

I really enjoy the contrasts in this poem.

As far as answer, you get to choose when the coin is flipped.

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Simple American for the wise words. Now, how should I flip the coin?

Calamity Man said...

the coin will turn when you flip it.

Calamity Man said...

before you can flip the coin, you gotta flip yourself 1st.

you can do it py! impossible is nothing.

go go py! yay!

Anonymous said...

doubt is natural.
everyone doubts themselves from time to time.....it's how you ascertain to reassure yourself that matters....this can happen instantly or may take a while....one thing to be sure of is you are worthy and have worth.....that will lead u to a clearer image and hopefully wipe away the doubt.
am i rambling? i do that sometimes? be well. ;)

pinkie said...

Let time do the work?

Simple American said...

It is not how you flip the coin. It is the fact that you do flip the coin.

But remember you choose to flip it.