Thursday, October 20, 2005


Drowned in aimlessness
Lost in this world
Nothing is really wrong
But it feels like life has gone

Numbed with indifference
Yet nagging thoughts send interference
Moving but was led nowhere
Hanging on because maybe light is just somewhere out there


mistipurple said...

i will never let you drown
i won't allow it
i came in here, also to reach out to you, and now that i have, i will never let you go. i hope you will allow that light that is so much in you, to shine through one day, and see that light for yourself. it's there all the time. you have never lost it. you have life, all the time, all with its meaning, and you have given it to others, without knowing it came from you..

Simple American said...

Let me turn on the light. You will be just fine. Take a breath and just relax.