Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In an epic fantasy

I came across this while visiting Mistipurple's blog. Thanks again Mistipurple.


You are the Sage, the mysterious wise one or shaman. Sages dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge. They are very wise and are good with philosophy and theology. They make good teachers, counselors, and advisors.

Color: Gold
Animal: Raven
Gem: Topaz
Symbol: Pen


Who would you be if you were a character in an epic fantasy? (beautiful pictures)
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mistipurple said...

ah, the sage! hmm.. seems appropriate. :)
glad you enjoyed the quiz too. i like all the pictures in the quiz. (maybe that's why i don't mind taking them, more so to see the pretty pictures at the end. but since you are the wise sage, you might know a more significant reason!)

Simple American said...

I got the sage also. Cool!