Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dinner with Mystic

Mystic is a kind friend who most likely have been mercilessly 'tortured' by yours truly. What ever it is, I thank her for sparing me her invaluable time to have dinner with me on a Friday evening.

Yesterday, I met Mystic for dinner. Realising that I had been too insistent over the choice of food the past few times that I was having meals with Mystic, I decided to do something different and asked her for her preference. But she said I shall decide, because she found that I would not take up any of her suggestions in the end since I have been so picky with my choice of food. Woe then is to the person who is so tired mentally to even decide what to eat for dinner.

Admittedly, I have been picky. But in a food paradise like Singapore, how would being picky with food be a sin? It is likely an acquired skill. Sigh, I think I should be sorry that my friend has to bear with my overbearing sense of fussiness with food.


Anyway, while surfing for information on Singapore as a food paradise, I found this site which I think might be created by students studying in Singapore: It talks about Chinese food in Singapore, and you may find links to descriptions on Malay food and Indian food from this webpage.


In the end, we settled for a restaurant at Center Stage@Marina Square. I had a craving for Xiaolong Bao (dumplings), so I chose to eat food from the restaurant that sells dumplings.

The dumplings were alright. But I would prefer the dumplings from the shop along Neil Road. The fillings of the dumplings at the shop along Neil Road is nicer and more generous. The dumplings from the shop along Neil Road have skins that are better made too.

The Zhajiang La Mian (minced meat noodles) were palatable but was far from being the match of the shop along Neil Road. That shop along Neil Road sells pretty good minced meat noodles for an affordable price. But a note of reminder, if you were to want to eat at the shop along Neil Road, please be prepared to stand and wait for quite a while. This shop does not entertain reservations, and it is quite popular with customers.

The minced meat noodles from the restaurant that I had ate from last night tasted better when I added the (sliced) assorted vegetables from another dish that I had ordered. I had to add vinegar to help make the minced meat noodles suit my tastebuds better.

Mystic seemed disappointed with the dinner. So I shall take the hint that we should not be eating at this restaurant if Mystic and myself were to have meals together in the future.

Anyway, the dinner last evening was considered fairly affordable despite the dining location having quite an up-market ambience. I may consider this restaurant at Marina Square again if I were to be around the area with my grandmother. I think she might like Chinese cuisine better than Western and Japanese cuisine. Of course, I doubt I would try its minced meat noodles again.

After last evening's dinner, we did walked about Marina Square shopping mall. Before we knew it, we were near linkway to another shopping mall, Suntec City. We spent some time looking for belts, but found none. Anyway, I have bought myself a belt this afternoon.

After buying some food from the hypermarket, Carrefour, we each took a public bus home. I slept throughout the journey. I didn't quite worry about missing my stop, because it was just a stop before the last stop. At the most if I had missed alighting at my stop due to oversleeping, I would just be woken up by the kind bus-driver and then take a 3 minutes walk home. Anyway, since my body was sensitive enough to the motions of the bus, I was able to sense that I was nearby home, and I alighted at the right bus-stop.

Guess what I bought at the hypermarket? Muesli and walnuts. But I think the walnuts from Oscar's Cafe in Conrad Centennial Singapore taste better. I wonder where Oscar's Cafe got its walnuts from?


Beer Brat said...

Despite what you say, I still think that it will always be a challenge to decide on a place to eat in Singapore, especially, when you are in a group. Even a group of two.

Perhaps, it's precisely because we are spoilte for choice.

mistipurple said...

i..i..almost bought you muesli! but i remembered you mentioned you preferred them all ready, so i decided otherwise! lol.