Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tag board for messages

If you have been observant, you would have noticed a new link on the right-hand column of this blog. A link that says "TagBoard - leave a message".

I must first inform all of you, I am not quite a chatty person. This is one reason why I choose not to have a tagboard on this blog. I like to have some degree of control over when I would be ready to read messages from others.

In addition, please do not be disappointed if you have wrote something on the tagboard and I did not reply. I am likely to have read it, but would probably choose to remain silent many of the times.

Actually, I decided to have a chat board with JY and a few other friends (who do not have a blogger account) in mind. I heard from JY that she could no longer leave even a comment on my blog now. Somehow, when she logged into Blogger in UK, most letters appear as squares. Hopefully the tagboard could serve as a platform for JY and some other non-blogging readers to write their comments. I wish that could be rectified, but I don't have the answer. So I am using the tagboard as a way to work around this problem.


Right now, I am feeling quite tired after walking quite a bit today. But it was quite an enriching day, I think. I took some photographs of the Singapore Art Museum, but it might be quite a while before I have them put up for viewing.

Meantime, have a good weekend.


Simple American said...

Hope the tagboard works for you and your friends.

Wishing you a restful weekend mixed with long walks.

mistipurple said...

uhm.. tiring day huh.. uhm. :p
here's wishing you a good weekend and thanks!!! :)