Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mood lightened but disheartened

The night is dark
So one goes out for a walk
In hope to find fireflies
That could bring some hope

Mood much lightened
Perhaps because of the steps
Taken to lead one closer
To escape from this world

Mood lightened
But not necessary brighter
For one seems prone to being disheartened
In a world one doesn't feel fit

But should have ought to
Count one's blessings
To find one's lot is plentiful
Enough to ward off some miseries

Then comfort oneself
All adversity might be
Simply meant to boost
One's capacity to grow stronger
In this real world
That I sometimes dream not to be in


mistipurple said...

there must be dark clouds to allow one to see the bright sun when it appears. or else it will be constant happiness, that one may not recognise happiness.
it's a journey you are going through. others do not journal them, you do. others may not care so much about the world, you do. so all that makes a difference to who you are.

Simple American said...

They say that which does not kill us makes us stronger. There is some truth to that.

God tests Christians to see how they will respond. Results can be blessing or punishment. Have faith in God and believe his teaching and one can find comfort.