Saturday, October 08, 2005

Feet are tired

Now the feet are feeling tired. I have spent more to two hours walking in the late afternoon. Halfway, the soles of my pair of shoes came a little off, and I have to walk to a shoe-repair shop to have my shoes-soles glued back. I figured that I may not find a satisfactory pair of shoes to replace that faulty pair if I were to rush to buy a replacement pair, so I decided to repair the pair of shoes so that I could at least walk with ease back home.

Met V. for dinner this evening and also to work out some official matters with him. He plays a double bass and he was sharing with me how he readapts the wheels from a baby pram to turn it into a stroller for his double bass. A double bass stroller is something that looks like a wheel which you could attach to where the end-pin of the double bass should be. It allows one to wheel the double bass.

Anyway, we were had dinner at this building called Wheelock Place, and I realised that what had used to be Olio Dome is now another restaurant. We ate at **** & C*. The cooking at this outlet was not up to my satisfaction. At least I did not like the New York Fish & Chips that I had. The fish could be better, so could the fries. I realised I did not like the taste of the cheese that was melted on the fish of this dish. I have tasted better cooking at **** & C*'s other outlets in Singapore . I wonder if it was because there were simply too many customers this evening that the standard of the cooking was compromised in the attempts to rush out the orders for the many customers? Too much haste and quality may be compromised?

V. also spoke about life in New York. He had lived there decades ago. From the conversation, I realised how relatively more safe Singapore is. At least based on V's accounts, one does not have to be too conscious and worried about being robbed. Not that Singapore is free from such crimes, but I figured one does not have to worry too much about becoming victims of crimes. I could generally feel safe walking about alone at night in Singapore. I do not have to live everyday fearing that I might be robbed. But I wonder if the state of law and order in New York was really what V. had claimed.

Managed to settle the official matters by end of the dinner, and the closure of the matter took a load off from the mind. Also had some time to listen in to how life could be in another part of the world, and realised I could not take certain things for granted.

Earlier the day, I heard from Mistipurple that there were earthquakes occuring at Pakistan, India and Sumatra today. I checked the news just a moment ago, and found out that an earthquake of about 7.6 magnitude centered in Pakistan had occured earlier today. Also found out that an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale rocked northern Sumatra, in Indonesia, today too.

Human beings are perhaps, vulnerable to nature's wraths. I think I am making myself feel detached right now. The night seem to make one experience emotional detachment perhaps? I don't know how to make sense of this world. I shall defer all efforts to participate in this world proactively until I feel sufficiently stronger to face a seemingly nonsensical world. Forgive me for my ramblings. It must be the effects of the night.


mistipurple said...

far too many disasters. sigh. even man-made war i would include. life is very transient. that said, we must grasp quickly the meaning of life and identify what is important and what is truly not.

Calamity Man said...

true that. sometimes when its busy, service and food standards get compromised.

guess its not fair for a paying customer but the people behind the scenes are humans too.

it happens. i used to be a cook and im now on the other side of the kitchen so i can see both sides of the coin.

Caracola said...

i hate nature's powers! it is all soo sad....
Py, here in Spain no way you can walk alone home at night...there is a lot of delinquence and robbin sad i know! i still think Singapour, Malasyia and some countries around are one of the "safters" of the world!! well, at least form what i have been told , jeje