Saturday, October 22, 2005

An evening out

Last evening, I met Mystic for dinner. Mystic's birthday is around the corner so it was yours truly's simple way to celebrate her birthday.

We had dinner at the eatery along Neil Road. The orders were: Zhajiang Mian (Minced meat Noodles), Chinese pizza and the Xiaolong Tangbao (Dumplings).

When we went into the eating place, there was a man of at least middle-age standing at the counter near the door. Mystic asked for seats for two, and he said we could share seats with two other customers. When we hesitate, he said if we did not like to share seats we could wait, but most customers share seats. The contents of the speech was reasonable but the tone in which it was delivered had pissed Mystic off. For me, I was apologetic that I have suggested the eating place and have subjected my friend to what seems to be non-customer-oriented service. We suspected that the man could be the boss of the eating place judging from the fact that he is the only person who seems to be bossing the rest of the staff around.

It was puzzling, the last time I was there in March this year, the same man was so nice to come up to our table to teach me and my friends the right way to pick up and the dumplings with chopsticks and eat the dumplings in the traditional way. Last evening when I was there, he seemed to have forgotten how to be friendly to customers. I wonder whether the man I saw yesterday was the twin brother of the man who had taught us how to eat the dumplings? Such a contrast.

I have no wish to turn my blog to one that reports about not-so-good service, so my posts shall just be factual records of the actual incidents.

Mystic found the food to be of acceptable standards and alright, except that she had comments regarding the man's service attitude. The rest of the staff in the eating place were alright, giving reasonable level of service.

I wonder whether man may fall into the trap of getting big-headed when one's business seems to be thriving? Perhaps this was another lesson that reminds one the importance of remaining humble even when one is doing well. But I fear that even if I hadn't been doing well in life, I have presented myself as rather big-headed to some. Nevermind, I rather not explain myself and shall be misjudged.

The Chinese pizza has a crispy crust which I like. I like the filling inside the dumplings. Mystic was helping herself to the ginger slices and I followed suit too. The minced meat noodles was better than the one that I had during my previous dinner with Mystic. The dinner left us pretty full.

We left the eating place when we were done and Mystic agreed to try walking from the eating place to City Hall MRT station which should take about 30 minutes or more to walk to, if we were to walk non-stop. Along the way, we went into a massage parlour, and Mystic requested for massaging service.

Along the journey to City Hall MRT station, I showed Mystic the photos I have taken during my trip to the United Kingdom. I have developed selected photos.

It must have been the night. Not too wet, not too hot. It was manageable to walk to City Hall MRT station. Along the way, we could see the Singapore River. It looked beautiful against the night skies. I had wanted to walk more, but my body signalled that it needs a break.

After I said parting words with Mystic, I went to buy myself a box of organic muesli. I decided that having organic muesli for breakfast is a healthy way to start a day.


Anonymous said...

i love the quizzes but i can never get them to work.


hey you, saying hi ya and glad u had an ice evening.

emily said...

that place was nice when we went there in march. *sigh*

what happened to it now? case of bad service again? I can't stand that.

mistipurple said...

a birthday wish to mystic, if she hops in here!
a big hi to my cheer leader, py! :)