Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stranded at Home

*Pale and sullen face*

I was stranded at home today. Not because of the weather, but because I was not feeling well. Furthermore, there has been nothing planned for the day that would require me to be out, so with no motivation for the day, I chose the less preferred option of staying at home.

I was resting in bed for a least two hours. It helped a little, but left me uninspired. My attitude to the world out there seems to be that of total indifference and grim. These must have been the effects of a weak and ill body.

Need some cheers but I hate to put flowers in front of myself. I fear my nose can't take well to the pollen. Need some reorganisation of my life perhaps, but it seems not the time. I fear I don't know where to start in the first place.

It was not good feeling to be stranded at home for I have no mood to play music on the double bass today. My body is now only fit to read and to write.

Now the worst I fear, is to have the world bothering me. I fear I am now irritable and prone to making caustic remarks unintentionally.

Look what poor health could do to a person, maybe that is why people say health is precious?


mistipurple said...

yes, health is precious, and you my dear, will never be caustic. you are too gentle a soul to be. at most you will smirk your sweet smirk, and i love your smirk! :)

Anonymous said...

oh dear...i hope u feel better...!!! seems like everyone is getting sick these days....ugh. cheer up...and sometimes choosing to stay home can be a good thing....i like staying home and being comfortable.....until i get bored. :)

pinkie said...

hope u r feeling better today :)

Simple American said...

Take care of yourself. Don't stop walking as that is quite good for you.

I'm hurting today and it is all because I do not take care of myself. I weighed 270 pounds at the doctor today. Wats dat? 123 kilo? I wished I weighed 180 pounds or 81 kilos.

Start being healthy now. It is difficult later on in life.