Thursday, October 13, 2005

16 Aug 05: River Thames

When I came out of the exit of the Tower of London, I could not help but notice the river beside the Tower of London. While I was in the Tower of London, I was already contemplating the thought of taking a cruise along the River Thames.

Here's a webpage on River Thames:

Irrestible was the thought of cruising along River Thames. I realised there would be a cruise vessel leaving at about 15.25 p.m. for the Westminster Pier, so I hurried and bought a one-way ticket at 5.60 pounds.

There was no tour guide on the cruise, but we had someone (which I figured was part of the crew) who kindly gave us an introdction of the various landmarks which we saw on the cruise. If I have a good auditory memory, I would have remembered everything he had said. But I do not, as yet.

Setting off for Westminster Pier.

River Thames felt as if it was full of charm and full of life. It has seen the history of London. What a pleasure to be cruising River Thames.

A picture speaks a thousand words. I shall not write too much, but shall instead leave you to view the photographs taken on the cruise. Enjoy River Thames. Here's the link: Enjoy River Thames

I dedicate the photographs on this site to Pinkie whose birthday is coming soon. Happy Birthday Pinkie.

When the cruise was to reached at Westminster Pier, we were welcomed by famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye. Seeing these landmarks bring nice memories of my visits which I had the day before.

I wished I could be on the vessel a little longer, but I was admittedly tired and hoping to head for the hotel room to take a rest.

There was a queue waiting to leave the vessel. What was the queue for? Well, to line up orderly to give the crew some tips for giving us a short verbal introduction to River Thames.

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mistipurple said...

so happy you managed to get to most of the famous landmarks. you have great navigation skills.