Friday, October 07, 2005

Took time to be out

A post of ramblings:

My body is feeling tired, so are my soles. I must have been walking a lot lately?

Took time to be out from work on Wednesday's afternoon. It proved to be helpful in lightening my moods a little. I think I needed to be out, to breathe in fresh air and to sightsee.

I must have walked quite a bit this Wednesday's afternoon. Along my way, I passed by the Singapore Art Museum and Singapore's newest university, Singapore Management University. Not forgetting, the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

I spent some time eating a small-size waffle with whipped cream and a scoop ice-cream at one of the Gelare outlets that is situated within Singapore's longest underground retail hub (CityLink Mall). It felt nice to be out when the streets are not crowded. I thrive on space. Space! My Vitamin S?

Then I started thinking what answers people may give me if I were to ask them what this is (see below):

Some time out, left me in a lighter mood.

A mood lightened seems to have inoculated me against a few challenges of the day. I hope I was not putting up a false front when I was able to pick myself up soon enough after finding my moods sinking down some hours ago.

My 'internal sensors', which give signals that things aren't in right order, have been on alarm mode lately. To cope with the bugging alarm from the internal sensors, I found walking and sightseeing one relatively safe way. Only to pity my feet and soles.

Sometimes I wish to have company on my journey. But I will soon fear intrusion of my space, that Vitamin S. Perhaps I choose the safer way, the way I best know how. Likely because people have not realised that I am more fragile than I seem to be. Otherwise, I would worry my behaviours would not be tolerated upon for I simply may not know when to stop, walking.

As I write, I sense that I am starting not to make sense to people. Perhaps it is my mind going to its natural mode, hoping to be out of the restraints of this world. But then, how can one be safe when one lives life without any restraint? Then again, will a life so disciplined and planned be safe anyway? Is safety what one craves and needs?

I don't know. I don't know much about this world. I could only search in hope to be enlightened.


Simple American said...

I think you are fortunate, as I there are sure to be folks that read your blog and will walk with you when you desire the company. And they will also understand and give you Vitamin S when you need it.

A life is safe in God's hands always. Call on him and he will hear you. He provides the best security, as he guards the soul.

mistipurple said...

i understand the need of space. i am someone who needs lots too. i hope you will find what you are seeking for. jia you. see you around. *wink*

Lora said...

I agre there is noting like a little wandering around town by yourself to get the world back in order. I'm glad you are feeling rejuvinated again.