Sunday, October 23, 2005

News for those with vision problems

While I was at one of the shopping malls yesterday, I stopped by a road show that was promoting this thing called the Vision Therapy Eyewear. This eyewear is basically a pin-hole glasses.

I was told that the benefits of this Vision Therapy Eyewear is that it can help one to develop good vision habits. I have shortsightness and astigmatism, and I thought this eyewear may help me with part of my vision problems. I don't expect it to help me not to use prescription glasses anymore, but I hope it would prevent my astigmatism to go any worse. After much consideration, I got one pair for myself at a promotional price.

Well, I don't know if I could be persistent in using this eyewear. It is made based on the principle that light travels in straight lines to create the pin-hole effect.

Here's the official website for the eyewear if you wish to find out more:


pinkie said...

interesting... thanks for the link...

Simple American said...

Very interesting.

I'm blind as a bat. Got astigmatism and nearsighted too.