Monday, October 03, 2005

Yew Hong-Chow Yellow Pine Trio

Concert by Yew Hong-Chow and Yellow Pine Trio

Date: 13 Nov 2005 (Sun)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Victoria Theatre

Ticket: $100 $50 $20
from Music Book Room, 231 Bain Street, #01-51/53 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231.

If you have been my long-time readers, I wonder if you remember me writing briefly about the harmonica player, Mr Yew Hong-Chow, whose harmonica playing got me to be impressed with the sounds of the harmonica? (Reference: Post dated May 15, 2005)

I was browsing this webpage ( and my mother who was walking past my desk glanced at my computer's monitor. After spending some time talking with her, I got to find out that many years ago, one of my maternal uncle used to take harmonica lessons from Mr Yew. My mom says Mr Yew looked younger than he should be. Such is a small world.

Anyway, I remember that Mr Yew's harmonica playing demonstrated a good sense of musicality and passion for harmonica playing. I like the tone of his harmonica playing too. It totally changed my preconceived idea about harmonica playing. I had never thought that harmonica would sound so nice.

I have learnt the harmonica during my first two years in the secondary school as part of the shool's weekly music lessons. It intrigued me how sounds were being produced on the harmonica. Why is it that when one blows into the harmonica, one would get one pitch? But when one "sucks air out" of the harmonica at the very same spot, one would get another pitch? Aside from being intrigue with the science behind, I had not been blessed to know how a good harmonica music should sound like. I think I must have been hearing too many poor harmonica playing in my secondary school years that I had no chance to appreciate the beauty behind harmonica playing. It was only this year in May, I got to hear what good harmonica playing would sound like.

Now I look back, I hope someone out there is doing something in the area of teaching music to the masses of students. Teach us well, and we will learn to appreciate music the proper way.


Good music is meant to be shared, and this time, I checked out that there is not just one harmonica virtuoso, there are four! So click on to view the poster. Sounds like a treat for the ears. Music by four virtuosi.

Since yours truly know nothing much about the masters of harmonica playing, I decided to find out a little more about Yellow Pine Trio. Based on what I could find, the Yellow Pine Trio sounds good.

By the way, from reliable sources, I got to know that the programme for the concert is as follow:

1) Yearning
2) Sweet Georgia Brown
3) Chiquita
4) One of Those Songs (medley)
5) Valse Centino
6) Ruby
7) Love Me Tonight
8) Orange Blossom Special
9) Tea For Two
10) Harmonica Boogie
11) William Tell Overture


Anonymous said...

had to stop by and say hello....and that is very interesting...I very much enjoy a good harmonica tune...I also really like the banjo, which is not your run of the mill instrument....but so fun to hear. cheers! :)

mistipurple said...

yeah! mitzzee is here too! :)

i am sure mr yew is instrumental in bringing many people to liking and learning the harmonica. he is truly dedicated to his art.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Mitzzee. thanks for visiting. =) Nice to have you around.

Same to you too Mistipurple. I agree with your comments.