Wednesday, October 12, 2005

London: The tube

While I was in London earlier this August, I realised that the tube had became my main mode of transportation about London. I took the public bus when I was there too. When one purchases a day ticket from anyone of the tube stations, that very ticket also entitles one to travel on the public buses and trams without additional charges.

This is the homepage of Transport for London: In short, Transport for London is the integrated body responsible for London's transport system. Its services sound comprehensive, doesn't it?

TfL manages London's buses, the Underground, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and London Trams. It also runs London River Services, Victoria Coach Station and London's Transport Museum.

TfL also manages a 580km network of main roads, all of London's 4,600 traffic lights and regulates taxis and the private hire trade.

The people in London seem to have a strong sense of pride in its transport system. When I was at souvenir shops in London, I could see souvenirs such as T-shirts with the map of the tube services in London printed on them. I could also see mini-size models of London buses meant to be bought home as souvenirs. One could also find key chain of the logo of the London's tube.

By the way, when one make transfers from one line of the tube to another line, one is likely to walk long stretches of underground pathway. Sometimes walking along these underground pathways could be interesting.

If one is lucky, there could be a few basking points within each tube station. At these busking points, one may find people performing. If you appreciate the performances of these people, you are welcomed to give them a tip to expresss your appreciation.

I had heard one saxophone player who played reasonably well. There was also a violinist who played one of Bach's works on the violin and he played the violin along with a recorded version of the same work so that one could hear the other instrumental parts of this work. Good idea isn't it? This violinist had managed to have the rest of the ensemble to play with him without the logistic hassles of bringing so many instruments and players along.

London, a place rich in art and culture.

I remember I was wondering how one could make reservation to use one of a busking point? Would people have appreciated it if I were to stand there and play double bass solos? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

very nice. i'd like to go one day.

mistipurple said...

hi mitzzee honey!! nice to see you here!!

dear py, i am sure you will be appreciated if you did your double bass solo there. it might have been fun too, to see the response!

oceanskies79 said...

Yes Mitzzee: London is nice. It can be expensive though.

Mistipurple: I hope...But I fear I have yet to play well enough to feel accomplished.