Sunday, October 16, 2005

16 Aug 05: After River Thames

The cruise stopped at Westminster Pier and I stepped out of the vessel after giving tips to the crew as a token of appreciation.

I walked by a bus-stop and decided that I should take a ride on one of the London buses, and sit at the upper deck of the bus. It was fun to entertain such spontaneous thoughts.

I soon found myself on a bus that would take me to Eros, just nearby Piccadily Circus. There was really nothing exciting about being up the bus, except the fact that I could claim that I have sat on the upper deck of a London bus. I had headed for the Eros because I knew that the Royal Academy of Arts is situated somewhere nearby Eros. At that time, there was a exhibition on some of the works by the French Impressionist masters and a group of artists from Boston who paint in the similar style to the Impressionist artists. I wanted to catch it. I have a liking for the art by the French impressionist.

That proved to be a rather expensive and unwise move. While I praise the artists from Boston for their art, I was actually anticipating to see works by the French Impressionists mastes. I saw some of Monet's works. But for the admission price I had paid, I had expected to see more works, so I had somehow cause myself disappointments with my expectations. Furthermore, I must have been feeling tired from the long day to wish to stay too long at the gallery. Well, I think I would have my time better spent if I had travelled a little further to the National Gallery. However, it was quite late in the evening, and I had not much energy to urge myself to walk any further except to return to the hotel.

Along the way back, I saw this street market. It did not catch my fancy, maybe I was not in the mood to do shopping then. But I was told that if you would like to experience London as the locals do, one must find time to check out the many street markets.


I took some time to take a rest when I was back in the hotel room. In the evening, I tried to take time to look for a place for dinner. I had wanted to eat in one of the eating places recommended by a food guide, but I ended up not eating in those places. A few were not opened that day, a few did not seem to fit my budget when I got there.

In the end, I settled for Pizza Hut pizza at a food court located within a shopping centre. The food court closes very early on a weekday. It closes at 7 p.m., and when I ordered my food, it was very close to 7 p.m. The counter staff told me that the food court would be closing soon but I could eat my dinner at the premises. I started eating. When it was 7 p.m., one of the cleaners went around telling everyone that the food court was closing. I felt obliged to leave, but I was not even halfway done with my dinner then. I decided to take my dinner out of the food court and leave. Just then, the cleaner realised that I have yet to finish my dinner and he told me to finish eating before I leave. I realised I was one of the last customers to leave the shopping centre.

Actually, without realising, I had walked from Russell Square to Oxford Street. I was once again at Oxford Street. I took some time to buy some gifts for my brothers and a few other friends at Oxford Street.

By the way, I quite like the evening skies of London. I have captured an image of it here:

I must have done quite a lot of walking that day.

That night, I spent time packing my luggage, ready to leave London the next day. I wished I could stay a longer in London.


mistipurple said...

i like the pic of the evening sky. it also looks lonely. i guess i am a paradox too. i need my space, and i also badly need comfortable company. in a scene like that, i would feel lonely alone, but if i had a good friend with me, i would enjoy it very much.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Mistipurple, sharing similar sentiments.

May you find a good friend to lend you the comfortable company that you have sought for.