Friday, October 07, 2005

London: Russell Hotel

This post flies you to London.

The long days and the darkness of the nights would have made one weary. What would be better than a good night rest. Strange and unfamiliar it may be, it is at least one's bed in foreign lands.

Sweet dreams.


Russell Hotel, London, is quite a nice place to be in. It has a nice Victorian-style Facade. The staff are nice and relatively attentive.

I chose to stay there because it was nearby the British Museum. I had hoped to visit the museum as often as I could, but in the end, I had only been inside the British Museum on two occasions when I was in London. This seems to reflect how little time I had in London when I was there this August. Of course, I have to thank the kindness and generosity of my father for sponsoring the accomodation. Otherwise, I might have chose to stay in some budget hotel or hostel.

Since I had spent more time in total in the hotel (sleeping, reading the guide book, eating breakfast etc) than in the British Museum, I should at least show you how Russell Hotel looks like.


There're lifts, but I chose to walk down the stairs.

Main Lobby


I am now thinking to myself: If I have the means, I will like to stay there when I visit London again.


Simple American said...

I love hotels. Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed a good hotel. That was what attracted me to major in the hotel & restaurant management.

mistipurple said...

you will travel again, one day. *wink*