Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Found and Recovered

Please praise me for being a good girl.

I listened to the advice of Simple American, Mr Loobz, Mistipurple, Pinkie and Xiaofen and tried not to worry much over the lost CD. I called the shop a few times this morning, but only got through the line at slightly after 11.30 a.m. I suppose the shop only opens at 11.30 a.m.?

I told the shop personnel who answered the phone briefly about the CD of the Phantom of the Opera. The next thing she said was that she has kept the CD aside for me. Someone wanted to try a CD on the very CD player I had used last evening, and the shop personnel realised I have left the CD there. As such, they kept it for me.

So during lunchtime, I took a bus and a 5-minutes bus-ride to retrieve the CD. I felt as if I have recovered a treasure. The shop personnel apologised for the inconvenience caused. My lesson learnt: I ought to be more careful and alert.

Thanks for all your comforting words. They help.


mistipurple said...

yeah!!! dance dance jump jump, so happy for you! :)

Caracola said...

Hey Py!! so glad u found it! you know what.....that could be my post too. Yesterday i met sweet Lyn and i forgot my camera in a restaurant....guess i was so oh! excited...so i called up the resto today and thank god the camera was there!! yeppieeeee! yeah i think we both learned the lesson! ;-)

Simple American said...

Oceanskies don't be so Asian. Hard to do I know. It is not your fault. It is there CD player and they are responsible to make sure you leave shop with your merchandise.

I know you don't like hugs. But I leave one for you in case you need it later.

Now enjoy your music. Sarah Brightman has such a beautiful voice.