Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thai dinner

A busy day at work. I wish one day I could find those answers that hover in my mind, but I know I may need guidance for I am not very wise.

This evening, I met SH for dinner after work. She said she has photographs of her London and United Kingdom's trip to show me. Those photographs were taken on her colleague's photograph, and her colleague so kindly stored those photographs on a CD-ROM for her.

Our initial plan was to meet at one of the fast-food restaurants for fried chicken. SH had said she has craving for fried chicken so I obliged. However, that fast-food restaurantwas too crowded so we decided to change a venue for dinner.

We walked to this eatery called Jai Thai which was nearby. SH commented that we must have been addicted to Thai food. The last time that both of us met for dinner with JY, we had Thai food for dinner too.

We decided to order for ourselves the ala-carte buffet. We could choose from a menu consisting of 50 dishes. Vaguely, I remember we ordered in total, nine dishes. They were namely: Pandan chicken, pineapple rice, olive rice, green curry, prawn cake, Kailan with oyster sauce, Kailan with mushrooms, squids in garlic and pepper sauce, and fish in sweet and sour sauce.

The food was pretty satisfying, I shall say. SH said I should write about the taste and texture of the food. I could try, but I fear I am too tired to write in much detail.

The green curry was alright, but I do not know if it was comparable to the green curry that Mistipurple had tried at another restaurant. The portion of the green curry was rather small, enough for one person to eat along with another dish. I prefer it to be a little thicker, and the chicken meat more tender in texture.

The squid dish, the olive rice and the fish dish.

The olive rice had a nice fragrant smell. SH prefers the pineapple rice. I shall say each is nice in its own way. The pandan chicken which was chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, and very likely fried thereafter, tasted good. SH said the meat of the pandan chicken was tender. SH liked the Kailan, so we ordered another dish of Kailan but that time, cooked with different ingredients.

Fish and Kailan

I felt apologetic that I had to behave somewhat like a spy when I took out my camera to take the photographs. I had merely wanted my friend, JY, to see what SH and myself had for dinner. Well, hopefully I would be able to prove that I meant no harm.

Jai Thai is quite a nice place to go to. It was comparatively less crowded, and it gave us a sense of privacy from the dinnertime crowds. SH and I sat down to have dinner, while catching up. I also got to view the photographs that were taken in her trip to the United Kingdom. She showed me those photographs on her laptop. While viewing the photographs, I felt I was back in the United Kingdoms once again.

After dinner, we walked about and found ourselves walking towards the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay. We say somewhere nearby the Outdoor Theatre and faced the Singapore River. It felt peaceful to listen to the sounds of the waters. Darkness may comfort at times? Thanks SH, for the company and your time.


Simple American said...

Thanks for sharing this. I did not realize that there was a Singapore river. The Esplanade sounds very nice and the picture looks to be as well.

I realize that about all I know about Singapore is what I read in a book by James Clavell called King Rat. This story is about the Japanese prisoner camp in Singapore during WWII.

Jammie J. said...

Thai food is good and healthy. There's a Thai restaurant nearby that I love. They have a really good tofu/vegetable soup that just melts in my mouth. Mmmmm.

I'm glad you had a good time with your friend. :)

pinkie said...

oh I love thai food! There's one at Thomson Plaza (next to Hans) which serve really nice green curry and beef noodles... I wonder if it's Jai Thai...

mistipurple said...

i've been thinking green curry since that day, and guess what? i went and bought a 'pre-packed green curry condiments' and cooked green curry on sunday! but it was nowhere compared to the 'real thing'.