Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What's Playing: The Phantom of the Opera

My ears are listening through the ear phones, music from the player. This is what is playing on the CD player:

The Phantom of the Opera (Original 1986 London Cast) ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber (Composer), et al.


Now I am feeling as if the various scenes from The Phantom of the Opera are vividly reappearing on my mind. The music is touching, at times stirring.

The lyrics are well-written. Lyrics by Charles Hart, additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe.

Let me give you an example, of part of the lyrics from the number All I Ask of You which I found moving:

No more talk
of darkness,
Forget these wide-eyed fears.
I'm here,
nothing can harm you -
my words will
warm and calm you

Let me be
your freedom,
let daylight
dry your tears.
I'm here,
with you, beside you,
to guard you
and to guide you...

Many other numbers sound nice too. The lyrics and the music go pretty well together to compliment each other.

By the way, Simple American was right, Sarah Brightman has such a beautiful voice. Her voice moves.

Now I have Emrah to thank for his recommendations to me.


crazycat said...

i got the original cast CD.. its great!

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, crazy cat. I agree.

Simple American said...

Myduaghter is really playing that so well on the piano. Then I wreck it by trying to sing along. hahahaha

emily said...

hey! i have that same CD too! its really good. really really good. a pity i couldnt catch it the last time they were in town. maybe they'll come again, but then, it wont be the original london cast anymore.

take care peiyun. take it slightly easy on yourself... you seem very stressed up lately.

Emrah said...

Hi! Glad to hear that you are enjoying it! Just back to London. This time as a married guy! Lots of stuff to catch up with! Ack! :-)