Friday, October 14, 2005

A good teacher inspires

I was reading Waterfall's blog, and her recent post titled Fun with Mitosis caught my interest and attention. She wrote about how she found a lesson plan online, and made the lesson fun for her students. I think I would love to attend her classes.

The process of mitosis reminds me of my biology lessons, and I have loved them more than my physics lessons.


Somehow the post makes me reflect the importance of good teachers. Perhaps our teacher who would teach us lessons on life can be found anywhere. Some became our temporary teachers unintentionally, without realising it. One need not be a teacher in the classroom to inspire. If I could, I wish I could a out-of-the-classroom teacher who inspires.

But at this moment, I doubt I have much power. I need to wish for some inspirations and vision from wise teachers. Life's ups and downs seem to be making me feel unsettled. Maybe I am too ignorant to know how to live in the world out there?

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