Monday, November 03, 2008

19 Sep 2008: Lunch and sightseeing with HQ

I can't quite remember whether I had lunch after visiting St Paul's Cathedral or was it the other way around, but it didn't matter. What matter would be that I had the honour to meet up with a friend who lives overseas.

I suppose while technology has brought people closer through the availability of emails, MSN, phones and so forth, nothing beats the simple delight of having to meet a friend face-to-face. This, I had learnt greatly, while I was in Sydney. It was therefore a delight to have this learning point reinforced when I was in Melbourne on 19 Sep 2008.

One thing that fascinates me in Melbourne was the tram. Admittedly, yours truly probably takes delight in things that are novel to her. In Singapore, there is no longer any tram like those found im Melbourne. Even on the way from the airport to the city, my eyes were intrigued by the trams when I saw them from HQ's husband's car. I was told that the trams commonly operate near and within the city of Melbourne.

HQ had probably read me well, and thoughtfully accompanied me to take a ride onboard one of the trams. It was a new experience for me. While technically, a tram ride is similar to a ride on any public bus, but you see, it was the idea that I was riding on a tram in Melbourne that was more important.

For lunch that day, we had healthy burgers at Grill'd Healthy Burgers. I noticed that HQ has an interest in Grill'd so I suggested to have lunch at one of its outlets.

Grill'd is a chain of specialist burger bars selling healthy, fresh, quality beef, chicken breast, lamb and veggie burgers. I realised that I would have been more pleased with my burger if I had not ask for the burger bun to be toasted. Nevertheless, the ingredients were indeed fresh and of good quality.

After some sightseeing and the lunch, HQ was kind to accompany me back to the hotel. It was a nice chance to meet up with her and her loved ones.


Doreen said...

I see something familiar! CUE!!! Love their clothes but not their price tag.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Glad that you have found something familiar. The thing is that I don't know anything about CUE.