Friday, November 17, 2006

9 Nov 06: Lunch and dinner

It may seem to be a simple lunch, but there must have been a lot of thoughts and effort put into making it. In the photo right above, you would see the first meal that I had after I set foot on Hainan.

It was a vegetarian meal. I was told that as a way to express thanks to the gods for a safe journey, we were to observe vegetarian diet for that day.

I was told that the rice came from rice-grains which were planted and cultivated by my paternal relatives. Even the vegetables and the peanuts that were served were cultivated by my paternal relatives. I was told that no chemical was used to cultivate these vegetables and crops. I thought to myself, "Organic food, right at the hometown of my father".

The food tasted nice. Even though I did not like rice that cooked too soft, somehow I could appreciate the rice well enough to finish my entire bowl of rice. I particularly like the peanuts. They tasted way better than the peanuts that are served in the first class restaurants and hotels in Singapore. Somehow, the peanuts had a nice texture and a nice peanut-fragrance.

In case you wonder what I had for dinner that day, it was about the same dishes that I had for lunch. For once, I did not mind having to eat the same food for both lunch and dinner. I hardly have such chances to eat home-grown, organic food.

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