Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sight-reading session

As an extension to my post published this Monday, I would like to share a link to one of Emily's posts. This post contains the extract of a newspaper article written by Chang Tou Liang on the recent concert by The Philharmonic Orchestra. Check this post out.

This evening, I met up with a few of the double bassists from the university's orchestra and we had a sight-reading session to read a number of works written for a double bass ensemble. It has been quite a long while ever since I've last played a work scored for a double bass ensemble. It was fun. Personally, I prefer to play accompaniment but it was still exciting to play the melody parts occasionally. It felt satisfying to hear how a well-played accompaniment could support the melody and contribute to the overall ensemble.

I still need to work on sight-reading, especially sight-reading in treble clef and tenor clef. I suppose the secret tip to achieving sight-reading skills is still practice and more practice.

After the session today, we were able to come to a decision on our programme for an upcoming chamber concert. We started discussing on a name for our double bass quartet. We also came up with some ideas to publicise the quartet for this upcoming concert. Actually, I was feeling very tired from long hours at work, but it was inspiring to discuss plans for the quartet.

I understand that the chamber concert is likely to be held on 10 Jan 2007 (Wed), 7.30 p.m. at National University of Singapore, Lecture Theatre 13.

Folks, if you happen to be in Singapore then, you may wish to reserve that time to support us at the concert. As best as I know, the concert is free! The only thing that audience has to contribute is to spare us time, travel to the concert venue, attend the concert, sit down, listen to us and applause where appropriate.

Meantime, I hope that all would work out well and that the double bass quartet can stage our programme during that chamber concert. Wish us the very best!


Simple American said...

Wish I could give you local support. But I will think of you from way over here. :)

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Thanks in advance.