Monday, November 06, 2006

What can relief the pain?

What can relief the pain?
The physical ones
The ones from growing up.
The universal ones that all may go through.

What can truly soothe the pain?
Pain-relief cream?
The numbing of nerves?
Or a blissful dose of endorphins?

What functions do pain serve?
I just know I want to be relieved of it.


Simple American said...

Sometimes being at peace with yourself can help inuslate from the daily pain. I find peace from faith, when I focus. I should focus more I will allow.

mistipurple said...

perhaps you can write privately what are the specific pains. then write another list as though you are replying to your friend. maybe it might be constructive this way. i do that sometimes. especially when i need to look from 'outside in'.

pinkie said...

work on the mind perhaps? Physical pain is not as bad as emotional pain... think of it this way, might help I guess?