Saturday, November 04, 2006

Double bass lessons this week

Double bass lesson began with playing C major scales. For my assignment this week, I have been asked to play C major and G major scales, and work towards being able to play these two scales as fast as possible, while making sure that each and every single note of the scale can be clearly heard.

Sight-reading came next. I fumbled quite a bit trying to sight-read in tenor clef.

My tutor also got me started on Dragonetti's Solo in e minor. This is a pretty challenging piece of work which is much more challenging than Keyper's Romance and Rondo. I think I play by ear to an extent, and it helps to listen to my tutor's rendition of the first half of Solo in e minor.

We then worked on Romance and Rondo. My rendition of Romance sound more melancholic than romantic. How does a romantic tone sound like?

Anyway, I felt quite excited to get started on Dragonetti's Solo in e minor. My only concern would be how to find time to work on it.

Meantime, to listen to music played on the double bass, check out Jason Heath's Double Bass Performances.

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