Friday, November 17, 2006

Hainan 2006: The dog that did not like phototaking

At the Hainan village, I would often see two dogs roaming about. My guess was that the dogs were raised by the neighbouring household. I don't have names for the two dogs, but I remember that one of the dogs did not like taking photograph.

I have tried to take photograph of this dog. Most of the time when the camera lenses are focused on this dog, it would somehow turned its face away. As such, I did not manage to get a frontal view of this dog on my camera.

On the other hand, the other dog seemed not to be shy about phototaking. When it saw the camera, it came wagging its tail at the camera. See how photogenic the other dog was.

Simple observations like this seemed to have spiced up my stay at the village. There was no internet connection, no easy access to public transport. However, at the village, I found myself being urged to slow down to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Life at a slower pace can have its beauty.


mistipurple said...

simple is nice.
less is good.
some of us cannot turn back the clock.

Simple American said...

It would be nice to live life at a slower pace. Not possible in my city.