Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Awfully tired. Who to listen to?

I am feeling awfully tired. I had intentions to practise on the double bass this evening. Yet an hour ago, I lie on my bed merely intending to temporarily rest my physically tired body, but I ended up in a hour of slumber.

Tomorrow will be double bass lesson. I wish to practise a bit more of Dragonetti's Solo in e minor on my own so that tomorrow's lesson would be more productive.

I am now placed at a dilemma: Should I listen to my mind and its good self-disciplined intentions or should I listen to my tired body and its cries for a rest?

I wish to choose the former, and I keep my fingers crossed that my awfully tired body will soon not feel so tired after the one-hour slumber that I have had earlier. But I realised that even if I do practise this evening, I need to learn to go easy on my body. The body is sending messages that it is hungry for a rest.


pinkie said...

why r u so tired? lack of sleep or mentally drained?

oceanskies79 said...

I have been drafting and typing reports after reports on the computer in office for the past two days. I think it must have been draining to be working on the computer for long hours. So drained mentally and physically.

Anyway, I managed to squeeze half an hour of practice on the double bass. Not a lot, but I hope the workout on the fingers would help prepare me for the lesson tomorrow.

Simple American said...

I say the rest must be important or you would not have fallen asleep. Rest is very important to be productive.

mistipurple said...

listen to your body. :)

Marc said...

Agreed. Your body knows best